About Me

Welcome! I teach 7th Grade Science, and love all things that are science and computer related. I have added this blog to my web page located at http://www.dgoldfisher.com so that I can update teaching and technology topics on a regular basis.

I firmly believe in incorporating technology and coding into my science curriculum. I have been to many trainings sponsored by the NYC DOE, and have acquired experience and several badges in several platforms.

I am also a Girls Who Code facilitator, and am about to start my 4th year of engaging and training young girls in coding with a goal of closing the gender gap in the tech industry.

I am continually learning, and have recently obtained my Level 1 Google Education Certification. Next goal is Level 2. I am also planning to attend a CS first training session, and am exploring the micro:bit as an inexpensive entry into physical computing and coding.

I am also working on my own web page, connected to this blog. It is very therapeutic to create a web presence about my experiences.

My current badges: