Google Things

I set myself a goal after my Google sites presentation: attain my Level 1 Google Educator certification. I use a number of the apps on a daily basis in school.  I went through the lessons, gave myself assignments, and took it (in the privacy of my home, late at night). After a grueling 3 hours, I succeeded and passed the exam!


Not to be satisfied, I am now looking at Level 2…not sure when that will come about….


NYC STEM Institute

I enjoy attending the annual STEM institute at Laguardia High School, but am little overwhelmed by the crowds. I don’t know many people, and am a little shy about approaching others. I also get frustrated trying to get into already filled workshops. This year, I decided to take action: I volunteered to monitor a hallway, and when a last minute opportunity came up, I volunteered to speed share a lesson. Both were outside of my comfort zone, but worked: I talked to many people helping them through the halls, even though at first I had no idea where I was sending them. My favorite is when I shared my lesson on student digital portfolios created in Google sites. I really enjoyed presenting and listening to ideas from very encouraging colleagues, and plan to do it again.

Site for presentation


Vacation memories

I have just been thinking about our recent trip to Italy. I planned it so long ago, and the wait was endless, and the trip seemed so quick. I loved the food, especially the regional risotto specialty.  Our train connections worked well, and we were able to see the Alps in Switzerland, visit Florence for a day, and stay in a luxury hotel on Lago Maggiore. My highlights were seeing The Last Supper in Milan, and David by Michelangelo in Florence. I wish I had more time in Florence, but was able to walk (and trip) on the cobblestone streets past the Duomo and down to the Ponte Vecchio. I hope to visit Florence again.


Summer 2019 Goals

  • Rework my website
  • Update my blog
  • Share a lesson at the STEM Summit
  • Improve my Python skills through Datacamp
  • Learn Scratch and associated Finch robot


Teaching for the future

“Do not confine your children to your own learning for they were born in another time”

This site celebrates my passions: the education of a future generation of scientists, the determination to increase technology skills of this generation, the support of young women who need to find their place in creating the technology of the future, and my personal love of travel. The name “Journeys” signifies my never-ending trek to keep up with the evolution of science and technology education, and my personal quest to see the world.